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Jenem’s lighthearted poke at the world of dating with 'Hate To Be Wrong'

Best defined by big catchy pop choruses, singer-songwriter Jenem is no stranger to a live

stage and musical presence. Having performed at venues such as the O2 Academy in

Leeds and headlining events in London, Jenem has spent the last year focusing on her own

music and is slated to release a four-song EP later this year. As part of an anticipated EP,

Jenem has released another catchy and witty pop bop. The dance-worthy and chart-

appealing 'Hate To Be Wrong&' is a playful jab at the self-centered dating culture, full of good

lighthearted energy.

When it comes to the new song, Jenem says:

“I wanted ‘Hate To Be Wrong' to combine elements of satire and pure feel-good pop music. I

took inspiration from watching, probably too many, reality tv dating shows during the

lockdown and wondering why some people seemed to care more about being right than

finding love! As with my last single, this one began as a voice note in my bedroom, followed

by a rough home-produced demo, before I took it to producer Matt Wills for some added


‘Hate To Be Wrong’, a tantalising taste of Jenem's upcoming EP, is out now, promising you

a burst of cheerful, witty, feel-good energy.


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