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John Tibbits drops new EP "Light of the Flame"

John Tibbits has always had music in his life. Originally hailing from Birmingham, John comes from a family of musicians, and started writing songs aged 14. Having spent years refining his songwriting skills, he's managed to create and craft songs that his audience can find solace within.

John Tibbits is returning with an irresistible new E.P entitled "Light of the Flame." Featuring previously-released single "Our Moment," the E.P sheds light four new tracks. Tunes such as "Stupid & Dumb" are emotionally-penned offerings that feature stripped-back instrumentation and irresistible vocals. "Light of the Flame" come as anthemic songs that merge harder musical elements within Tibbits' acoustic blueprint.

Speaking about the E.P, he says: “This is a record that captures an array of themes: growing up (Stupid and Dumb), romance (Find the Key), political cynicism (Light of the flame), a passion for music (Our Moment) and embracing life (Make what you will). Me and Jak (my producer) had a lot of fun recording the EP, and allowed ourselves to experiment with different sounds, especially on Light of the Flame.”

We are sure to see John Tibbits get to the top.


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