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John Tibbits releases warmly-penned new single “Our Moment”

Hailing from Birmingham, but currently residing in London, John Tibbits has always had a passion for music. He’s now channeling this energy into his solo project. Merging together multiple different genres, Tibbits music provides a refreshing take on indie rock.

His latest single comes warmly-penned, and is entitled “Our Moment.” “Our Moment” is a sing-along, catchy tune that features heartwarming lyricism. With infectious drums, irresistible rhythmic guitars and infectious vocals, the track is sure to pick you up and leave you wanting more.

Speaking about the single, he says: “This is really a song about loving music itself. During the first few years of my working life I let the stresses of professional services distract me from my real passion: music. Our Moment is about the rush of emotion that I, and I'm sure many others, feel when a new great song reveals itself to you.

Looking forward, John Tibbits is getting ready to release his new E.P, also called “Our Moment.” Providing some further insight, John says: “This is a record that captures an array of themes: growing up (Stupid and Dumb), romance (Find the Key), political cynicism (Light of the flame), a passion for music (Our Moment) and embracing life (Make what you will). Me and Jak (my producer) had a lot of fun recording the EP, and allowed ourselves to experiment with different sounds, especially on Light of the Flame.”

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