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Join Pete Beat On A Travel To 'Another Galaxy'

Who said mental struggles and music don't go together? Certainly not Pete Beat! Especially when music helps you to overcome those struggles.

British artist Pete Beat set the bar really high last year with his music with Tom Robinson from BBC 6 saying “Pete Beat made the most charming record of last week, if not the entire year”. Pete is ready to kick 2023 off with a new song, 'Another Galaxy' and teases upcoming album The Strange Museum set to release in April.

For this new release, Pete Beat decided to share something personal and the effects of music on him. This album and 'Another Galaxy' in particular are themed around Pete's involuntary stay in a psychiatric hospital in 2010, at which point he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. The songs are more or less loosely based around this story, with this first track about mental health struggles in general, and being unable to solve other people’s problems for them.

Since the beginning of the year, Pete has been posting videos on Instagram and TikTok talking about mental health and illness, and his particular experience of being 'sectioned' and detained in a hospital.

Check them here: Instagram |TikTok


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