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Jon Canem releases new single 'Hey!'

Jon Canem returns with his brand new feel-good single ‘Hey!’. The pop record is tinted with electronic notes, delving into a nostalgic, retro vibe whilst also carrying a contemporary quality with its experimental genre-blending. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Jon’s lyrics delve into relatable thoughts and feelings, especially relevant at a time when loved ones can’t be together, as he delivers fun, text-style lyricism reassuring someone of your love for them when you can’t be in each other’s presence. Jon’s charisma shines through his sparkling new offering and is the perfect easy-listening and mood-boosting single to escape in.

Discussing his new single, Jon said: “‘Hey!’ was written during Lockdown and focuses on the importance of the connection between you and your friends and family. It's been written in 'text' form to create the feeling that I was expressing my concerns of how someone was feeling and to ensure that I was there for that person to talk to, even if I couldn't physically be there in person.”

Jon Canem (pronounced Can-em) hails from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He's a singer, songwriter and performer who produces all of his own music, covering many genres including EDM, House, Pop, Ballads, Soul and Jazz. Despite his tender years, Jon has an incredible knowledge of music history. He's studied the careers of many legendary artists, such as the late, great George Michael, who was and indeed still is a great inspiration to him. Flawless, his Tribute to George Michael, is a breath-taking and heartfelt homage to one of Britain's most successful singers of the 1980s and 1990s.

Jon is proudly managed by and works exclusively for Mr D’Arcy Entertains. He has acquired many great successes already, with his early releases ‘Fake Love’ and ‘One Love’ climbing the European music charts in 2019, doing particularly well in both Germany and Switzerland. He also works closely with Moodswings, a Manchester-based charity for those struggling with mental health. In November 2019, Jon released the stunning track ‘Beautiful’, highlighting the struggles of mental illness, and which offers a positive message of keeping strong and believing in yourself.

Jon is a passionate songwriter, an amazing vocalist and a true all-round showman, with a voice velvet in texture, and lyrics that are always on point. Performance-wise, Jon has worked many successful gigs across the UK. He has also shown his support of the LGBT+ community and continues to perform in Pride events across the UK. Despite the setbacks of 2020, Jon has been busy working hard producing new music and has been perfecting his new contemporary jazz style. Keep an eye out for Jon, as 2021 is set to be an exciting year for him.



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