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Jonny Spalding has recently released a brand new mixtape: Community

Jonny Spalding is an artist with a broad creative vision and a unique sound. His music combines various genres and ideas in order to create a very lively and one-of-a-kind vibe that sets him apart from pretty much any other artist on the scene right now. His most recent mixtape, Community, is a total electronic delight from start to finish. Community is a perfect blend of electronic music, R&B intensity and indie-pop with some shades of trap appeal, channeling the artist’s personality while avoiding getting stuck in the usual cliches or “rules of conduct” that might seek to neatly categorise or label. In other words, it seems that for Spalding, music-making is all about being original and pushing the boundaries in order to pursue uncompromising creativity, no matter what. Community is a rumbling and loud statement from an artist who is always on the lookout for new ways to connect with people and bring more positivity to the current music scene as a whole. Learn more about Jonny Spalding, and do not miss out on Community, which is currently available to stream and download online.

Stream the mixtape:

Find out more about Jonny Spalding: INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | SPOTIFY



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