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  • FLEX Staff

Jozem has unleashed his intimate new track ‘Dreams’

Canadain singer, songwriter and producer Jozem has unleashed his enchanting and intimate new track ‘Dreams’.

The latest track comes after Jozem experienced a time of great uncertainty in his life, the struggle of trying to achieve his goals which many of life’s challenges interfering and cause fear and self doubt.

‘Dreams’ is a warm and delicate piece of art that has embarrassed simplicity and sonic space. Jozems intricate and soulful melodies are at the heart of the ambient track in which the listening plunges in layer upon layer of musical introspection. Soft and sparse percussive beats add depth to the track as atmospheric harmonies and echoing effects swell as the song progress keeping the listening constantly engaged and providing a deeply spiritual feel to the track.

Jozem explains the meaning behind the track, “‘Dreams’ is a meditation, a prayer and a projection of where I want to be in life, a guiding compass of sorts. The song is really all about cutting out those naysayers, the internal and external voices of self-doubt that lead you to stall or try to block you from realizing your goals. ‘Dreams’ is about recognizing and having the strength to do away with the toxic influences in your life that reap negativity and self-doubt, repurposing that toxicity and using it as fuel to propel oneself further. Ultimately, it’s about remaining steadfast, knowing that you are on the right path, that the journey is as important and sometimes even more meaningful than the destination.”

Overall, ‘Dreams’ is a track that will make you want to put on your best quality headphones and just lie in a dark room to listen to every subtle sound.

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