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June looks back on childhood friendships on "Replace Me"

Promising pop talent June looks back on fleeting childhood friendships on coming-of-age anthem “Replace Me,” carried by a joyful yet melancholic soundscape of velvety 80s pop.

Striking a fine balance between vibrance and vulnerability with her melodic yet bold vocals, the nostalgic production captures the elation that accompanies memories of past friendships alongside the tugging pain of falling out of touch with these precious people from our growing up years.

Managing to showcase a skill for crafting delicate but anthemic offerings framed by addictive melodies and heartfelt song writing, emerging act Jaime Webster has developed a musical identity of her own, leaving behind the pressures of upholding the legacy of a family of musicians.

Working efficiently and passionately to find a place for herself in pop music under her identity of June, this act delivers infectious soundscapes worth more than a few replays.

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