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Juniper Nights release the poignant single ‘In This House’

The latest single from Juniper Nights is ‘In This House’. Opening with an eerie atmosphere of reversed synth melodies, a solitary kick drum and the noise of the wind in the distance, we are then welcomed into the track by the lead vocal. Soft, uneasy and yet distinctly wise, the vocal melodies seems to control the elements around it, bringing in gentle harmonies and breathes in places of poignance. This track slowly expands into a heroic climax, cinematic in its inflection before crashing back to the melancholic reality in which a piano line sees us out.

Juniper Nights share, “This track is the sound of our collective souls. Inspired by Netflix TV show ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, In This House explores the helplessness we all sometimes feel, where no matter how much we attempt to become improved or better people, we can ultimately be haunted by the ghosts of our pasts — events or traumas we have experienced and are unable to let go of. Evoking the feelings of apathy, anxiety and anguish that we have personally gone through during our own depressive episodes, we hope that In This House will resonate with others that are currently going through a dark period in their lives, giving them a sense of support and realisation they are not alone.”

The Oxford-based band whose lyrics are filled with introspection and hope, Juniper Nights, have become a staple of their local music scene, now expanding to a national scale. Appearances on BBC Radio 6 earlier this year and the release of their EP Mantras meeting rave reviews have solidified their position as ones to watch.


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