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juuku releases debut 'Warmth' EP

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

An anonymous producer who has been making waves in 2020 and beyond, juuku has been working extensively with other like minded creatives to produce some simply stunning electronic releases with a sound that travels and far and wide. Having garnered support from the likes of Diplo, Trap Nation and many more, he has taken to release his debut 7-track EP, 'Warmth'.

The title track is an emotional, laden-slice of electronic synths and the sound that juuku's listenership have become immediately invested in. With a lovely echo vocal included in the track that repeats on end and sits beautifully in the mix, this only adds to the amazing atmosphere that juuku has created.

His collaboration with Manila Killa on 'Just Lost' continues in the same vein. This time a build up of synths and other samples of electronica takes place, which then leads into a crescendo of a pulsating and almost euphoric dance beat, almost trance like, showcasing the multi-faceted talents that he possesses.

'Leaving' also takes another twist in direction. The track begins with an emotional and heartfelt string section, with another sampling vocal taking the lead. Then, the track suddenly splits off and goes into what can only be described as electronic dub-step with a bouncy drop that you simply have to for yourself.

This EP is certainly an electronic masterpiece and the name juuku will not be going anywhere but up after this huge statement of intent. He delves into other genres and sounds effortlessly, which can only be admired. This EP is an experience, not just a collection of songs, which is testament to this producer's craft and innovative style.

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