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KØASH delivers the soaring new single 'Somebody'

Ever since he first broke through with his much-loved debut single 'Dominoes' last year, Cardiff-based artist KØASH has been quick to establish himself on the emerging pop scene. Following things up with his well-received follow-up outing 'Breathe' near the end of 2022, he is now back for the new year to unveil his soaring new offering 'Somebody'.

Capturing a wonderfully fun and enjoyable electro-pop direction for his newest gem, 'Somebody' sees him return more confident and assured than ever before. With just a dash of The Weeknd's influences thrown into his progressive guise throughout, there is something brilliantly alluring about this energetic new romp.

Although his recent material has already been met with great acclaim, there is something about 'Somebody' that really stands out within his catalogue to date. With a fresh and catchy aesthetic running its length, it feels like he has found a sound that perfectly reflects his own heartfelt approach as well.

Enjoy 'Somebody' below.



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