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Kacey Who transports us to summertime in his latest single “Candy Canes”

Artist and producer Kacey Who is a musician and Astrologist hailing from the creative and vibrant hub of Bristol. His unique sound sees him blend together impactful, urban UK genres, with the likes of RnB, Trap and Electronica all to be found within his music.

Kacey Who's signature sound can be found on his latest single “Candy Canes." The track features a strong foundation of playful drums and atmospheric synths, with divine backing vocals ebbing and flowing in between. His lead vocals are smooth, and grace the track lightly with R&B sensibilities.

Speaking about the single, he says: “I wanted to invoke the summer feeling and reinvigorate the rays of sunshine through lyrical expression.”

The future looks incredibly bright for Kacey Who. We cannot wait to see where he'll take this.



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