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Kanda, Maniscooler & StudioWyzz collaborate to remix their track ‘Where I’ve Been’

StudioWyzz is a UK rap artist who infuses his American and Jamaican heritage into a unique and relaxed take on the newly popular drill genre. He’s seen viral success on TikTok with his track ‘No Drop’.

Kanda is another up-and-coming artist who speaks in his track about the trials facing the younger generation, amassing over 400,000 streams on his previous releases.

The pair have collaborated with each other as well as fellow artist Maniscooler for their new single ‘Where I’ve Been’. With smooth grooves, reverberant guitar licks, warming keys and bass with just enough funk, the instrumentation backs up a passionate performance from all parties. From Kanda’s roaring vocals performances to StudioWyzz’s sleek rap flows, they take guidance from Bobby Caldwell and 2Pac in their interpolation of a classic track.

Sharing, “A modern day take on colliding Bobby Caldwell's ‘What You Won't Do For Love’ with 2pacs ‘Do For Love’. Bringing a modern sound on two classics.”

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