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  • Rose Shannonn

Kane Comfort unveils new track ‘Vine Full Of Scars’

Kane Comfort unfolds his deepest thoughts and emotions in his new track ‘Vine Of Scars’. Vine Of Scars tells the story of a damaging metaphoric relationship that is pretty in appearance and entices you in, but if you reach out for a simple touch, it will prick you like a thorn.

Kane Comfort’s gentle vocals float over the melancholy beat. ‘Vine Of Scars’ is distinguished by its smooth piano and guitar beat, which creates a reflective feel to the track. The ending fade-out leaves room for change; Kane Comfort now has to decide what he wants next.

Kane Comfort's sound is as intriguing as his name. A native of Salina, Kansas, he began performing in high school and while in college, he was part of a duo that played often in competitions. One win landed them the opportunity to open for one of Kane's favorite artists, Jon BeIlion. After graduating from Kansas State University in 2018, Kane and his guitar moved to Nashville, TN to pursue his musical aspirations. His sound is a fusion of Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B. One moment he's singing in an intoxicating tenor range that fades to a falsetto, and the next he's spitting a rhyme with expert timing and precision.

Kane released his first single, "Loop", in 2019 followed by "Fade" and "You Don't Mind" in 2020. The songs were met with rave reviews solidifying that he was on the right track. Now 25, this independent artist and model has his sights set on success and will release his first full-length project entitled Lotus in June 2021. The first single, 'Vine Full of Scars", is an entertaining fast-paced relaying of relationship frustrations and challenges many can empathize with. Like most artists, Kane's music is a melodic baring of his soul that draws others to him. The good news is there's a lot more where that came from.



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