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Karen Harding sweeps us away on '6 Feet Off The Floor'

After what has already been such an impressive run of releases these last few years, Australian artist Karen Harding has been looking to build upon her dynamic repertoire to date. And with her recent offerings 'Imaginary Boyfriend' and 'Judge You' finding huge praise recently, she continues that pursuit with her sweeping new single '6 Feet Off The Floor'.

Much like what she has looked to adopt on her recent outings, her newest effort is a warm and inviting snapshot into some of her most emotional songwriting so far. Set to feature on her hotly-tipped new album 'Behind The Mask', her latest endeavour builds upon those illustrious foundations with style and aplomb throughout.

It has certainly been a whirlwind run for the young Aussie right now, but Karen Harding still manages to keep her sound fresh and captivating as often as possible. Creating some beautifully alluring textures with every new offering, this new album will certainly turn some heads when it gets released.



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