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Katie Belle shines on her dazzling new single 'Symptoms'

Photo: Lucy Keen

Ever since she first emerged, Atlanta-based artist Katie Belle has been on a sensational rise. Turning out a wealth of riveting releases, and garnering millions of streams in the process, she is looking to continue that vibrant ascent once again as she drops her dazzling new single 'Symptoms'.

Honing more of that rich and glossy pop aesthetic she has been building for herself over the years, her latest outing makes for a wonderfully fun and passionate listen. Dabbling further into that bright and glossy production she has become synonymous with of late, 'Symptoms' stands as one of her most innovative offerings to date.

While these last few years have certainly seen her develop a fresh and enigmatic sound for herself, Katie Belle is still finding and exploring adventurous ideas that really set her apart from the crowd. Brimming with rich and alluring textures throughout, she continues to shine on this outstanding return.

Enjoy 'Symptoms' below.


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