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  • FLEX Staff

Kevv Hits Us With His New Stripped-Back Track 'Max Out'

Get ready to put this dreamy downtempo hip hop track on your next playlist as Kevv reveals his latest trap-inspired piece ‘Max Out’.

Kevv has managed to find the perfect genre-melting mix of R&B, Hip Hop and Trap that has a perfectly soft and delicate edge. Following the success of his debut EP ‘Connect”, “Maxed out” lays out a simplified yet mesmerising direction for the budding Toronto-based artist.

Snapping trap beats are layered with hypnotic chime as the song is shaped by magnetic melodic synths with harmonies drawing you closer.

Kevv’s flow is as laid-back as the track itself. Lyrically winding his way through thoughts of intuitive actions his velvety non-chllanet sound leaves you wanting more. Kevv explains the meaning of the track, Don't stress, just follow your instincts”.

Check out the track here:

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