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Khadi Lee releases anthemic EP 'Sneaky Link'

‘Sneaky Link’ is the latest release from Cleveland’s Khadi Lee. ‘Sneaky Link’ is a one-stop-shop for sultry, radio-ready hits. With tracks such as ‘Sneaky Link’ to ‘Pull Up and Friendzone’, it fills the listener with images of temptation, secrecy and casual romantic moments in its purest form. The E.P was recorded and produced at studios NeonLA and Entourage in Los Angeles, where Khadi combined his skills with LA-based producers BUSH and DBurns.

Talking to us about the release Khadi Lee says: “I pushed my pen and sound to the next level to share my honest thoughts about dating on this record. I prefer to keep that private, sexy and casual at the moment - that’s the inspiration behind Sneaky Link.

Khadi Lee’s debut EP LVR Boy climbed the Top 20 RnB & Pop Charts on Cleveland’s WOVU 95.9FM, and counts over 500,000 streams on Spotify to date. With over 11,500 followers on Instagram, Khadi is establishing his sound in Cleveland and beyond and has his eyes locked on bigger things.



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