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Kiey shares his coming out story in the form of his new EP ‘Sunday Sanctuary PART I’

‘Sunday Sanctuary PART I’ is a journey of exploration, taking Kiey’s vision for powerful pop to new heights, delving deep into his personal narrative. Full of euphoric and hypnotic sounds and addictive energy, Kiey’s melodies and crystal-clear production amplifies his soft, smooth vocals in the best way possible, showing that he is an artistic force to be reckoned with.

Discussing the EP’s title track, Kiey shares: “Sunday Sanctuary at its core is about the serenity and happiness of spending time with loved ones on a Sunday. The lyrical content describes the feeling of exhaustion after a busy week of work and the joy of spending the whole of Sunday with someone: be it a lover or a family member doing various mundane activities (taking walks, shopping, drinking coffee etc). It’s also one of my personal favourites on the album!”

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