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Kihmy Releases Atmospheric Music Video for New Single ‘Alone With My Pillow’

On the 13th of July, Swiss-Italian artist Kihmy released her new single ‘Alone With My Pillow’, a piano-driven, honest song about feeling alone, sung so beautifully that you can hear the emotion in each word.

The official music video followed the release of the song itself and was uploaded on YouTube over a week later on the 22nd of July. Directed by Giacomo Sala, the video just emphasises how talented Kihmy is as a musician and singer, as I could somehow already picture the music video being exactly the way it is, just from hearing the song beforehand. She’s skilfully created an imaginable atmosphere with her singing and piano playing in this song, and the music video visually portrays this artistically.

In the verses of this new track, alongside some light piano and haunting string sounds, Kihmy softly sings lyrics of feeling confused and vulnerable, and the music video displays this clearly as she looks lost in a dark, candlelit room. But her body language in the chorus during the video perfectly matches the change of mood. She sings the chorus with more power as her lyrics become more direct and straight-forward with her love interest, asking them to be honest with her about their feelings. During the chorus parts of the music video, she looks much more empowered and confident. A faster, more energetic drumbeat in the chorus also inspires her new-found confidence.

Kihmy is clearly a very talented artist who knows what she wants to do with her art. This song and video are both so creatively produced, as she creates her very own world with help from her delicate piano playing and deep-ocean voice.

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