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King Sagz the Dreamer releases genre blending new single ‘Oye!’

King Sagz the Dreamer has achieved his title as being rising star in the music industry. However, things weren’t always this plain sailing. A lifelong struggle with depression came to a head in 2021, and King Sagz the Dreamer decided to keep pushing on whilst addressing things head-on. This meant trying to find a way to cope, and he found his solace in his crafting his music.

“Oye!” will drag you out of your confront zone, and place you into King Sagz’s world. Minimal but effective drums pierce through the mix, reverberating energy around the track. Acoustic guitars glisten and shine in the mix, whilst pumping bass ebb and flows between the drums, creating a formidable partnership. King Sagz’s vocals are signature and standout - they’ll be sure to entice you in.

Speaking about the creation of the tune, Sagz himself says: “When I wrote this tune, I was really going through it, man. But I could tell there was a change for the better happening in my brain. I was attempting catharsis by talking about the less-than-great stuff as usual, but I also found myself writing about hope for the future—to the point where the chorus became a battle cry of self-belief. Regardless of commercial appeal or whatever, this had to be the first single. It was the birth of King Sagz and the “hello, I love you guys, let’s find our best selves together” outlook that’s become such a big part of my life.

We can’t wait to see where King Sagz’ music takes him. With an incredibly catchy sound that feels brand new yet somehow familiar, a relatable story, and an ability to turn our shared struggles today into a promising tomorrow, we’re betting this King is about to find a large tribe.



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