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Kize Bae makes wishes come true on "1000 Paper Cranes"

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Austin-based, Korean-American act Kize Bae makes wishes come true with luscious indie-pop track “1000 Paper Cranes,'' which pays ode to the bravery of young children battling terminal cancer.

Led by Kize’s expansive vocals over a warm soundscape, the uplifting track delves into themes of wishes and hopes, inspired by a Make A Wish documentary.

Accompanied by a music video which takes along on Kize’s journey to make 1000 paper cranes as a part of a YouTube challenge, the track backdrops an inspiring collaboration with Make A Wish, with the rising act creating an installation of paper cranes to auction off at the foundation’s annual gala.

With the money raised helping to fund a wish, the track’s concept comes full circle by making wishes into reality.

Having started her career off as a YouTuber, Kize Bae’s rendezvous with music came from a spontaneous songwriting challenge in 2020. Quickly learning the impact that powerful lyricism blended with catchy sonics can make, this promising act has developed a genre-hopping style led by her knack for storytelling.

Breaking through language barriers as an artist fluent in both English and Korean, Kize Bae is worth keeping on your radar for earworm pop that resonates with anyone listening.

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