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  • Rose Shannonn

Kkami unveils brand new track 'Falling Away'

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Kkami is a music producer based out of Orlando, Florida. Having aligned himself with Milwaukee’s Noh Life music collective early in his production career, the time within this creative ecosystem yielded a number of sold out shows, festival appearances, a host position on Noh Life’s monthly radio show, and an album credit to the entire collective on Frank Ocean’s 2016 avant-soul offering Endless.

Kkami’s musical tendencies evoke the same impression as staring through the lens of a microscope. Kinetic melodies and granular drum work weave into and out of themselves to form a kind of living organism, coercing color and energy into the empty space between phrases and twirling hip-hop’s dynamic energy with the white-knuckle excitement of left-field electronic music’s most dazzling moments. This can be heard through his production for his band, seeyousoon. Whether it was their critically acclaimed debut album, VIDÉ, or their second album, HZLIKEHELL, you can hear his sounds come to life.

Listen to the track:


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