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Klaverson captivates on his stunning debut EP 'Reflections'

Photo: Sam Rockman

Throughout these last few years, London-based artist and producer Klaverson has been seen as one of the more progressive names on the rise. With countless high-profile praise coming his way for a wealth of glittering releases recently, his reputation for warm and passionate compositions has been growing exponentially with every new outing. And with so much love coming his way already, he now looks to build upon that illustrious presence with his hotly-tipped debut EP 'Reflections'.

Honing more of that rich and technicolour approach to production that has always allowed him to stand out above the rest, his newest endeavour is filled with this rich and alluring passion at every turn. Creating these wonderfully blissful and kinetic soundscapes across all six tracks, 'Reflections' not only cements what he has been doing until now, but also showcases the wider vision he has been implementing since he first arrived.

Dazzling with this beautifully arranged flow, 'Reflections' marks a truly monumental moment in his captiavting career so far. Breathing life and vigour into everything he does, Klaverson is a rare gem of an artist we can't wait to hear more from in the future as well.



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