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KLEO releases infectious new single "INM"

KLEO might hail from Glasgow, but has been received a warm welcome globally. Her sound isn't defined by genre boundaries, her unique and signature sound merges hyperpop, darkpop, K-pop, house and trap together. She has gained huge appraisal for this signature sound, with the likes of BBC Introducing offering their full support.

KLEO is now back with irresistible single “INM.” The track acts as the perfect showcase of her unique and signature sound. Electronic drums smash through the mix, whilst atmospheric synth lie on top. Her vocal lines are vibrant and packed with emotion, working hand in glove with well-penned lyrics.

Speaking about the single, she reveals: “When I first produced the beat for INM, before it became a song, I had this longing to explore this feeling or idea of not knowing who you are in the context of society; and not sure if you're being yourself or just trying to fit in. The song is clocking in, clocking out, the daily commute, living for the weekend, meaningless connections, the inescapable digital self, tracking cookies, being just a number, cctv, ctrl + alt + delete, additives, stimulants, vitamins, meds, screen time, night time, no time, and trying to figure out who you are in relation to all that.”

Calling herself a ‘half android, half human’, KLEO’s music is a social commentary on the post-digital age we live in, consumerism, capitalism and the commodification of human life. Her musical works explore the blend between online and offline, the space her music finds itself in. Even though she’s based in Glasgow, KLEO has a growing global audience, and they’re here with her on her musical journey.



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