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Kopper return with new single & video for "Luminescent Womb"

A rollicking return for the London trio, “Luminescent Womb” is the newest head-banger from Kopper, complete with an intricate film accompaniment.

Taken from “Fading Fires”, their debut EP, Kopper balances the beauty of turbulence and tenderness with the track, twisting between vigorous drums and rugged riffs to crescendo to a blissful soundscape. Inspired by Carl Jung’s theory of shadow, the band’s dusky thematics play off in both their music and video pairing, showcasing their promising artistic flair.

Inspired also by the strange events that are unfolding around us each day, Kopper cite “Releasing the track after this year of darkness, struggle and isolation feels particularly poignant”, the band explains, “While it delves into the journey of lead singer, Jon Williams as he faces and tries to address his personal failings, we have all shared in a collective reckoning with the darker sides of ourselves, and have been forced to take the time to face up to who we are, what we are and who we want to be”.

Naming Idles, Girl Band and Protomartyr as some of the main artists who have shaped their experimental sound, Kopper are a band whose talents are sure to take them further than they ever imagined.

Watch the video for "Luminescent Womb" here:

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