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  • Paul Riley

PREMIERE: KULT KRIMES Unveils Phenomenal Cinematic Visuals For “Stove Top Stuffing”

US recording artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist KULT KRIMES has unveiled his captivating new single, “Stove Top Stuffing”. The track is taken from the Portland artist’s recently released debut album, GOOD GRIEF, and arrives alongside equally impressive visuals.

With its unique and experimental sound, “Stove Top Stuffing” stands out on first listen and will no doubt captivate audiences. Brimming with mesmerising electronic beats and an expressive vocal performance, the self-produced track shines the spotlight on an artist with a huge future. Speaking more on the release, KULT KRIMES says, “I wrote this song at the height of what seemed like societal madness in America. The collective psyche came off more divided and easily manipulated than it did united or whole to me.

“‘Stove Top Stuffing’ was a way for me to get out my personal frustration with not only the current climate of cultural backlash but also shed some light on the fact that we are existing in these compartmentalised digital realities. I started feeling like the convoluted paradigms we take so seriously are kind of absurd. So, really, ‘Stove Top Stuffing’ is a way for me to laugh at the whole thing.”

Directed by Jon Christopherson, the accompanying cinematic music video and short film draws listeners into KULT KRIMES’ world and takes the track to a whole new level. “After finishing the album, we knew right away that ‘Stove Top Stuffing’ was the song we wanted to create a visual component for”, says KULT KRIMES. “We ventured to the Alvord Desert with a storyboard in hand that we created one day over drinks on our studio rooftop while listening to the track on repeat. Often we are inspired by the everyday aspects of the human ego, and putting it on display was no different in this video. It was more of how we wanted to do it, and putting a character in the middle of nowhere by himself to only become enthralled by his first discovery (a stick), seemed appropriate. We used that as the genesis and launching pad to pave a way down this entheogenic allegory of discovering oneself but also perhaps losing oneself as well.”

Having developed his own individual sound and style, KULT KRIMES is an exciting addition to the music scene. And with more music, collaborations, short films and live shows in the pipeline, he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon, so expect to see and hear a lot more from this talented musician over the year ahead.

“Stove Top Stuffing” and the rest of GOOD GRIEF are available to buy/stream now.

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