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  • Paul Riley

Kyle Trippy Drops Brilliant New Single “Out Of My Mind”

US singer, rapper, producer and songwriter Kyle Trippy has released his new single, “Out Of My Mind”, an enthralling track that makes a huge impression on first listen. The 21-year-old from Detroit, Michigan, has been going from strength to strength over the past year with a series of well-received releases, and “Out Of My Mind” looks set to be another success and continue his growing momentum.

“Out Of My Mind” gives a taste of Kyle’s forthcoming project, which is expected soon, and arrives with accompanying self-directed visuals. The video uncovers the first part in this 3-part story of a toxic relationship following previous videos “No Attachment” (part 2) and “Restless” (part 3). Showcasing Kyle’s broad repertoire of talents, the self-produced track highlights his silky smooth vocals, impressive storytelling abilities and his accomplished production skills, with Kyle opting for a mellow and dreamy R&B soundscape that will no doubt draw listeners in instantly.

Speaking further on the new release, Kyle says, “‘Out Of My Mind’ is about a toxic relationship. It's a take on the darker side of what happens when the other person isn't around and what it does to you over time. At the time of making the track, I had a makeshift studio in my room. I made the beat and wrote the verse as I made it. I recorded all the vocals and listened to it probably like a thousand times. I made a couple of variations of the track as well but ended up going with the original.”

With such a strong release and his new project right around the corner, it’s clear Kyle Trippy will be an artist to pay close attention to in 2022.

“Out Of My Mind” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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