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Kyros Shine On New Single 'Illusions Inside' Featuring Dominique Gilbert

Blending synth soaked alternative rock with progressive ideas and ear-worm pop melodies, Kyros present a unique approach to their sonic creations, an approach which shines bright on the new single 'Illusions Inside'.

A soundscape of punching drums, deep bass, soaring synths and driving guitar adorns 'Illusions Inside' as the band build a wall of high octane sound, capturing a ferocious rock energy whilst retaining a sparkling 80s influence. The dual vocals of Kyros vocalist Shelby Logan Warne & guest singer Dominique Gilbert glide above the driving backdrop retaining a sense of urgency whilst delivering an angelic, atmospheric undertone.

As the track progresses through it's vibrant and infectious chorus, a explosive, exciting instrumental section takes hold, showcasing the band prowess as instrumentalists before entering a climactic final chorus.

Speaking on the track, Kyros explain: “‘Illusions Inside’ is about that inner voice that reflects on your past and influences your current decisions in an attempt to capture those more innocent days. The track explores themes of inner turmoil, lost innocence and longing for simpler times. The difference between an easy and carefree existence versus feeling emotionally drained and broken.

The song was all written off the back of several bass riffs which eventually became the backbone for the song. It resulted in a track that feels very ’same but different’ for us.

As the song developed, we organically saw the need to get in a featured vocalist for the first time. Initially, we only wanted her for the choruses, but Dominique killed it so much that her role became something much more integrated through the song. One of those happy collaboration moments, for sure."

Listen and watch below:

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