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Laurel Violet releases beautiful sounding new single "Deep Lake"

Laurel Violet is a multi-instrumentalist that has already achieved major accolades. Inspired by the empowering women that are thankfully taking their rightful seats in this sector of the music industry, she strives to make a difference with her music. Her signature sound fuses together contemporary and old influences alike - a sound that can be heard on her latest release “Deep Lake.” The track is a tranquil offering that has a colourful melting pot of piano lines and string sections that ebb and flow between each other, and works hand in glove with a powerful music video.

Speaking about the single she says: “Deep Lake is an emotional journey about exploring the feelings that lie under the surface. I wanted the track to express these feelings of chaos and despair, but end in hopefulness and optimism – like a form of catharsis. The dancer in the film expressed these feelings through movement and by throwing herself into the landscape as a symbol of giving up control, and giving into that feeling.”

Her accolades have been huge. The release of her first album 'Panchaia' in 2021 catapulted her catalog into the minds of creatives who have since licensed her music for use in media, a sync album on Universal Music has also followed in 2022. With growing recognition, Laurel Violet is doing everything right to get to the top.

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