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Laya Laya release new single 'I Can Feel You'

'I Can Feel You' is the newest record from London based duo Laya Laya, and the single is loaded with glowing pop melodies and bags full of production flair. With heartbreaking lyrics, 'I Can Feel You' is an intimate release and is arguably Laya Laya's best yet.

Discussing the release, Freya explains:

“It was written about a break up of a relationship and the feeling that you remain connected to that person even though they are not in your life anymore.”

Growing up in London as second-generation British Asians, R&B, and UK Dance was the natural musical influence for Freya and Joshi. However, as Laya Laya, they blend R&B, Dance, and Pop and draw from a range of underground and mainstream influences, such as Little Dragon, Disclosure, and Lion Babe. “We don’t follow trends, we just make music we have fun making” they say.



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