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Legenderry releases new single 'Crash'

Released via Nightfall Records, Legenderry has released his newest single 'Crash'. The emotional power ballad revolves around finding acceptance and becoming who you want to be.

Discussing the release Legenderry says:

“Music is my passion and my lifestyle. Without music, my life wouldn’t be complete. I’m starting to find my dreams, and I don’t want to wake up.”

Legenderry’s previous two singles, “Where The Wild Things Roam” and “Ugly”, amply reveal what many others have found in his sound - his articulate flow, lyrics that tell stories, and a style that is drastically original from anything else in music today. Legenderry’s originality lies within his verses. As he continues to create content tailored to the emotional dark side of himself he wishes to connect with audiences worldwide.

Listen to the single below:



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