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leo. drops warmly penned new single “green”

leo. originally hails from Portugal, where the singer-songwriter was classically trained and released his first single. Now residing to the UK, leo. has merged his experience of the British music scene with his classical training, which in turn creates a unique and signature sound. His audience has continued to grow over the past couple of years and leo. is only pushing forward.

His latest offering comes in the form of single “green.” “green” is a stripped-back but engaging tune. Featuring irresistible ukulele chords, flowing strings and infectious vocals, the track comes as an enticing offering that will be sure to leave an impression.

Speaking about the single, he says: “green is a song I wrote about someone who had too many green flags for me to succeed at self-sabotage. It’s a really fun song about hope that things can actually be good and complete stubbornness about letting a new person in all at the same time. It’s the first single off my upcoming debut album, due later this year, produced by Ed Allen. Ed and I have worked really hard to develop my sound and I couldn’t be happier with how it’s all coming along. This is my favourite song I’ve done yet and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

With a new project soon to be released, we cannot wait to see where he’ll take this.



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