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Lexxicon returns with explosive 'Pon Di Floor'

Jamaica-Canadian artist and rapper Lexxicon has really put his own stamp on things in the basement scene. On what was thought to be a dying genre and scene, it has somewhat been revitalised over the past year or so, and Lexxicon has perched himself at the forefront. His latest offering 'Pon Di Floor' is haunting, energetic and exciting from the get go. With Jamaican roots playing a part in his craft, he provides an up-tempo and catchy rhythmic beat which is simply impossible to ignore.

You can imagine this song being played in clubs around the world and when that time does return, Lexxicon will surely be part of the playlist that gets everyone moving.

Lexxicon speaks on the meaning behind the track:

"As a dancehall music lover, I always wanted to create a small project that really reflected those that I looked up to and this EP is that project. You won't be able to listen without moving, grooving and wishing you could catch a bubble"



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