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LHĒON's brand new music video for “I Hate The Way That I Love You”

The always remarkable and never predictable LHĒON has unveiled her latest breath taking music video for recent single, 'I Hate The Way That I Love You'. With soaring vocals and a warm and energetic soundscape, curtesy of writer and producer Lee Bradshaw, 'I Hate The Wat The I Love You' is an unstoppable and infectious single, the perfect lead release from her brand new EP, Full Disclosure Pt. II.

“IHTWILY is about the conflicting feelings of knowing someone is bad for you but still being unable to let go.”

Fuelled by LHĒON's captivating and endless enthralling vocals that take centre stage as they deliver Bradshaw's beautiful storytelling, wrapped up neatly within a deeply engaging neo-soul pop fusion.

Dropped earlier this year, LHĒON's debut EP, Full Disclosure Pt. I, gave us our first insight into the remarkable talents of this thrilling new artist. Even now at the start of her career, the soul and strength of LHĒON is already undeniable, which leaves us at the edge of our seats as we wait to see what is next for her.

You can check out 'I Hate The Way That I Love You' here...

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