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  • FLEX Staff

Lhēon Showcases New EP With Atmospheric New Single ‘stranger’

After releasing an impressive variety of smooth and captivating cuts these last few months, Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Lhēon has now returned to unveil her incredible new EP ‘Full Disclosure Pt.1’, alongside the collection’s lead single ‘stranger’.

Channelling more of that intense neo-soul sound she has built a solid reputation for, ‘stranger’ sets up her new EP with fresh and atmospheric flair. Bringing her broad and dynamic vocals across a sweeping bed of ethereal tones, her newest release sees her make her boldest statement yet.

Speaking about the EP, she said, “This body of work has been a long time coming and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve created. Through a great collaboration with my producer, Lee Bradshaw, I believe this work shows who I am as an artist, and paying homage to the old soul and blending it with the neo-soul that I love!” While adding about ‘stranger’, “’stranger’ is the black sheep of the EP and is something very different, and I love that. I think it’s gonna shock the people that have heard my earlier stuff - but in a good way! It was incredibly rewarding, testing my boundaries both vocally and with my writing in ‘stranger’.”

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