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LIBERATI drops new single “Famous”

Creating music that marries Midwestern charm with the dreamy summertime magic of the West Coast, LIBERATI creates a sound that merges modern story-telling with the atmosphere of the heroes of the 80s, LIBERATI has progressed to grow a strong and expanding fanbase. He brings together summer anthems with commerciality, gaining placements on popular TV shows such as Too Hot to Handle, 90 Day Fiancé and Married at First Sight and US broadcasters such as HBO, ESPN, MTV, CBS and NBC.

For his brand new single “Famous”, LIBERATI hits us with a funky bassline and driving drums alongside groovy electric guitar and glamorous synths. This is all brought together with energetic vocals and bombastic production, leaving us with a final creation that is a firework in its essence. The whole track gets you up and moving with a beaming smile on your face. LIBERATI’s full control over this project, not only gained him credits for production, mixing and performance, but showcased his passion for music and his ability to build his own sound.

On the new release, he says, “I had this old instrumental track I laid down one night as a pop song concept, and then somehow forgot about it for a good 6-9 months. It was mostly 80s style synths and a programmed drum groove. It was fun, but felt a bit lifeless until one night I came up with the bass line with a brand new bass I’d been dreaming about for most of my life. My wife got me this vintage style Fender P bass for our first anniversary. I plugged it in and immediately started smiling and grooving. After that, I couldn’t put the song down and knew it needed to be my next single.”

With “Famous” providing us a song of the summer, whatever we see LIBERATI release next, it’s sure to sweep us off our feet and continue to charm us.



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