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  • Kenny Sandberg

Lili Caseley Releases New Music Video for 'Hotel Du Palais'

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Hotel Du Palais is that a song that was written in lockdown, finalised over the internet, and now a music video that was shot on separate continents. It's safe to say the track has been a long time in the making for French-Portuguese artist Lili Caseley and featuring artist Nick Vyner.

The new music video, which is only out today, is testament to the hard work that's gone in between the pair. The upbeat track is complimented by bright and playful visuals where both Lili and Nick are painting and writing respectively, seemingly struggling with the task at hand. One has to wonder, is it a metaphor for the struggles of creating art long-distance? Either way, the duo have pulled it off.

When asked about the song, Lili said:

“The story is about wanting to return to a feeling of nostalgia, of a perfect night that felt like paradise but you know wouldn’t last in reality.”

Check out the new music video below and if you like it, share it around!

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