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Lilith Ai Ponders Reality in Her Bedroom Pop Track 'Shanks Pony'

Lilith Ai releases brand new track, ‘Shanks Pony’. The newest addition to Lilith Ai’s dreamy sonic collection; in this latest bedroom-pop track, she draws on her ability for poignant storytelling as she ponders the harsh realities of life and facing her demons.

When speaking about Shanks Pony Lilith Ai says, “This track is about facing your demons and the weight of everyday adulting. When I was a little kid I asked my Dad for a pony. Ha, the only pony I got was shanks! You know. We all gotta walk in alone”.

Showcasing her stunning vocals, the blend of soft melodies and gentle harmonies are layered on top of a synth-led instrumental. And with a blend of lo-fi beats and acoustic guitar notes adding to the nostalgic soundscape, it immerses you in a dream-like world that takes you on a reflective journey.

With more music and projects on the way, Lilith Ai is one artist to definitely keep your eye on in 2020.



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