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Liotia releases etheral sounding new single "Breathe Again"

Matthew Smyth and Abigail Hubbard are the masterminds behind Liotia. The pair have got a well-deserved reputation as rising stars within the folk field. The duo create a unique and signature sound that finds the perfect mid-point between calming and euphoric. Their music is infectious, often featuring synths and irresistible melody lines.

Their latest single "Breathe Again" showcases this signature sound. Heartwarming synths ebb and flow between playful drums, creating the perfect canvas. On top, Abigail's vocals paint this canvas with colourful melodies. Her irresistible melodies work hand in glove with well-penned lyrics.

Speaking about the single, they say: '“This song reflects on time spent during lockdown - dreaming of a better place to be. I wrote this song when everything felt particularly dystopian and uneasy. Being a natural introvert, I didn’t mind the confines of being at home yet the unknown and change in normal everyday life was unsettling. I wanted the lyrics to be transparent as I’m sure a lot of people were feeling similar. Although this song has been brewing for a couple of years it still feels very relevant to me, and Matt’s production along with bass from Doug Wimbish and drums from Josh Magill makes me incredibly excited about this release. "

The pair have had a wealth of backing, including plays on BBC Radio 6, BBC Introducing and being featured as part of Bandcamp’s weekly roundup. They’ve also had overseas support via Kiss FM Australia, Today FM in Ireland, and regional plays within the UK throughout London. The band’s upcoming work features collaborations with Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Sugarhill Gang) and Syd Arthur drummer Josh Magill.



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