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Lizzie Reid unveils sophomore EP ‘Mooching’

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The Glaswegian singer-songwriter is back with a new 5-track offering! The intimate collection of tracks takes the listener on an introspective journey alongside Reid and she paints a picture of some of her most personal moments. Her thoughtful lyrics, dusky vocals and stripped back soundscapes come together to make the perfect accompaniment to the upcoming autumn evenings.

The word 'Mooching' is one that Reid's grandmother used when referring to her dog's pleas for attention. Reid has aptly given her EP this title as a way of representing her desire to move away from a reliance on the approval of others. She sings "I'm done with all my mooching..." in the opening track 'Love of Her Life'.

The following track 'Bible' was the first taste Reid gave us of the EP earlier this year. The previously released single is reminiscent of early Angel Olsen, her vulnerability on full display as she comforts falling in love again and the pain that she could potentially face by giving herself over to somebody.

Tinged with an entrancing bluesy-jazz vibe, 'Soda Pop Stream' moves away from themes of love and faces head on the feeling of an oncoming panic attack. That fizzing up feeling is captured not just through the song's title and lyrics but also the tension built from the seductive rhythm, vibrating guitars and the contrast between drawn out vocal lines and sharply detached staccato notes.

Continuing on the theme of how she is affected by anxiety, 'How Do I Show My Love' is an exploration of how her mental health problems can affect the way she expresses herself towards loved ones. The piano-led track stands out alongside the 4 other guitar based tracks and beautifully accompanies it's delicate nature.

Concluding the EP with 'Warpaint', we hear a more optimistic side to Reid as the hopeful lyrics are matched with an upbeat rhythm and melody. The track represents a confidence boost for the artist since first embracing her sexuality in her debut EP 'Cubicle'. This delectable final track gives you a warming feeling as you listen along to Reid being surprised herself at her laissez faire reaction to a situation that previously would have left her feeling blue.

It's clear from Lizzie Reid's new EP 'Mooching' that there's depth and complexity to her songwriting which sets her apart from similar artists that can be guilty of naval-gazing. The carefully crafted collection of tracks is a compelling listen that marks her progression as a songwriter. With an established and mature sound, we're looking forward to what's next from her.

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