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lleo gives us a flavour of their self-coined ‘bi-polar pop’ with their new track ‘Hollywood’

Emerging out of the hyperpop phenomenon is lleo, an artist whose sugar-sweet vocals aren’t representative of her power as a songwriter and musical creator. Glitchy beats and an endless sea of layers give ‘Hollywood’ a complexity that would take hours- if not days- to pick apart but if one thing is for sure, it works. lleo’s raw lyrics and thoughtful harmonies are a refreshing contrast to the instrumentation of the track, giving us an insight into lleo’s mind and the source of the creativity.

Discussing the new track, lleo shares: “I feel like so many people in Hollywood are so screwed up, but we still aspire to be a part of it. We hear all these stories about messy court cases, horrible relationships, and exploitation, and it's so messed up - the whole thing is horrible, but we still want a piece of it. Hollywood is basically a tune about how celebrity culture has a very dark side, but we don't care - we just keep consuming it and feeding the monster.”

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