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LLUCID reveals his personal new track ‘Fooled’.

LLUCID is an exciting name on the Hip-Hop scene with his personal, self-produced tracks and hard-hitting bars. ‘Fooled’ sees LLUCID navigate his way through anxiety and panic attacks, questioning the way out of the loop he finds himself in. Fusing dark melodies and organic drum beats, LLUCID has created a sound that is truly his own.

Talking about the inspiration behind his music, LLUCID shares: “Music has always helped me step out of my comfort zone, coping with bad emotions and such. This is what my music is about.”

Alongside the track, LLUCID shares a video that is suitably metaphorical and introspective, visually representing the feeling of being in the loop with an artistic video filmed in reverse in a single room with LLUCID as the protagonist.

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