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Lo-fi artist 96 Zeus collaborates with Michael Kraun in iconic new release 'Kids'

Norway based solo artist 96 Zeus is destined to become your go-to lo-fi artist. Returning with hip-hop infused contender 'Kids', the addictive new single specialises in creating a delicate indie soundscape with a cross-genre persona. Kids” is fueled with reverberated vocals, distinctive guitar melodies and a heavenly production. The ethereal number will certainly find a place within your heart if you’re into dream-pop meets lo-fi music.

Speaking about the breathtaking release, Garrett aka 96 Zeus shares, “While most of the music I've released have had a more ''slow/downtempo'' vibe, I thought that I'd want to release a more upbeat song for the summer. The beat for ''kids'' was made back in March, and just a few weeks later I had gotten a verse from my good friend Michael Kraun, who I've worked with previously. I initially tried to get another artist on the song, where it would be two verses from two artist on a beat that I had produced. Not being able to find the right person, I decided to hop on the song myself.

Regarding the question, I find it hard to describe what the song means to me. I usually write and make music based off how I feel at the time, and as time passes, I can interpret my music in a whole different way than what I initially did. The lyrics and overall feeling of the song, to me, is just a feeling I had. Since music is subjective and is influenced by personal feelings, I would rather like to hear what my song means to you.”



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