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Lois Rae shares sophomore single 'That's Me'

The sophomore single from Manchester artist Lois Rae, ‘That’s Me’ is a slick and seductive slice of alt-pop that was destined to be replayed again and again.

After an electrifying debut onto the scene with ‘Baddie’, she commands attention once more with ‘That’s Me’, its punchy percussion, brooding synths and glistening production serving as the perfect backdrop for her striking vocals. As the rhythm weaves between dreamy melodies and trap-esque beats, her ethereal voice glides above, exhibiting her abundance of talent and artistry.

Explaining the inspiration behind the lyrics, Lois quotes “’That’s Me’ is a declaration of independence. It was so fun to write, as even though it’s a little bit extravagant and tongue in cheek, it still has an important and relevant undertone about not needing to rely on anyone else for your own confidence and success”.

Having already made her mark after her explosion onto the scene last year, Lois’ fiery, fun sound is an exquisite blend of modern and nostalgic, and the early signs of a true star in the industry. With her eponymous EP set to be released later this year, 2021 looks set to be a great success for the singer-songwriter.

Tune in to 'That's Me' here:

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