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London based pop artist Sean Wyer returns with game-changing new single 'Videogames'

Released last Friday, 'Videogames' is the latest bop from London based queer-pop artist Sean Wyer. With previous singles gaining support from BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 1 and blogs across the globe, this ground-breaking new single from Sean is fuelled with tender lyricism and glistening vocals that glide effortlessly throughout. Bathed in a gorgeous production, 'Videogames' is confident and armed with an easy-listening approach.

Sharing his thoughts on the adventurous new single, Sean exclaims, "Videogames is really about missing people you love. Lockdown was incredibly tough in that way. I’d fallen for a guy, but I was scared to tell him. I spent my teenage years in the closet, so I hadn’t had many chances to experience these deeply romantic feelings before. It was mid-lockdown and playing video games was a way to take my mind off how I felt. I’d get lost in the game and it made it easier to not think about things. In the end, I worked through my emotions by writing this song for him.”

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