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London's Alana Sukul Returns With New Single 'Closer'

Back once again to Flex with the new single 'Closer' coming just a month after her last single 'Be Friends', Alana Sukul is once again showing why she is one to be touted for big things in the future. 'Closer' is a bass and beat heavy track that treads the line between commercial pop and melancholic R&B to great effect. Alana's vocals are pinpoint perfect as ever - tight and upfront in the mix with harmonies dotted around the soundscape deflecting off the washy synths that float ethereally over the punching electronic drums. Capturing a sense of deep emotion whilst still retaining such musical simplicity is a skill and something that Alana demonstrates flawlessly on 'Closer'. Speaking on the message behind the new single, Alana said: “Realising your self confidence and worth is a beautiful thing. Grasp it, you’ll want to pull it closer.”

Listen to 'Closer' below:

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