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LOODVIG releases new single Make Our Own

Atlanta-based LOODVIG is a fresh and authentic voice who pairs his vocal abilities with unique and clever pop, electronic, and hip-hop arrangements. Today, he released his latest single “Make Our Own”, produced by Spenser Boice (Flo Rida).

Discussing the new release, LOODVIG says:

“MAKE OUR OWN is a song inspired by recent national and global events regarding social injustice. It’s about the millennial generation breaking away from the fractured systems we have inherited. This song is about innovating and building a better future for generations to come." With an alluring mix of pop, EDM, and trap influences, LOODVIG is the newest musical endeavor created by singer/songwriter and producer Austin Ludwig. At its core, LOODVIG is an anti-pop project grounded by emotive lyricism, drawing inspiration from Austin’s troubled upbringing. With a creative itch for storytelling, each song of his embodies Austin’s timeless longing for mutual understanding and connection. Once haunted by his story, Austin now uses his personal narrative as a means to inspire and relevate.