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Lucas Harmon Releases Heartfelt Single 'Emilee'

Lucas Harmon has released his latest single Emilee, which tells the story of a stranger he met in a bar one night. The heartfelt story lets us into his experience and her life as she battles financial struggles to chase her life-long dream of studying in Europe. We can all relate to life getting in the way of such things, and Lucas beautifully capture this in Emilee.

The musician-slash-actor has taken from his acting background as he formulates a character within Emilee after only meeting the stranger for part of a night. Through the lyrics, you can feel her emotions, thoughts and more, as we develop a likening towards her, like a well written screen play. The visual elements of his lyrics are the most rewarding here.

When asked about the songs, Harmon said:

I saw a woman with a true passion for the arts, and her current lifestyle was not working for her. She had fallen into something that was causing her deep emotional pain.”

Emilee is out on Spotify now and you can listen to it below! Be sure to follow Lucas on his journey.

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