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Lukewarmdaily96 shares delicate track ‘Peachy’

Rising Irish talent Lukewarmdaily96 has revealed his stellar debut track ‘Peachy’, encompassing warm melodies and rich vocals, making for the perfect addition to your chilled playlists. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Elliott Smith, James Blake and Alex G, the artist’s ambient style is thoughtful, calming and beautifully introspective. The track’s lofi tinge exudes authenticity, cementing Lukewarmdaily96 as an artist to keep a close eye on.

‘Peachy’ is a taster of the artist’s upcoming EP ‘Cluck’, in which we can expect an eclectic collection of tracks that each tell their own musing stories, and are defined by his creamy and irresistable vocal tone.

Discussing his debut, the talent explained: “It’s about friendship really. I wanted to make a low-key country song, and have the focus on the story telling. Each person will hear something different in the story and that’s what interests me.”

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